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Mistress of Disguise

As women, we are masters of the mask.

We go out into the world impeccably dressed—stylish stilettos, the perfectly painted pout and not a hair out of place.  We upload polished pictures of ourselves on social media, and we graciously accept the likes and compliments in return.  But beneath it all, many of us are broken. Struggling with low self-esteem, depression and overwhelm. Living in fear. Heartbroken. Lost.

Too often, we are wearing designer duds and plastic smiles.  So how do we learn to love what we see in the mirror, pick up the pieces and start living again?

In this refreshingly honest, heart-to-heart talk, Caressa delivers an inspiring message to women—encouraging them to seek and face their personal truths, even when it hurts.  She shares her own story of redemption, having lived through abuse, tragic loss and pain.  She came out on the other side of all, and is passionate about helping other women to do the same.

Attendees will come away from this experience renewed and with the tools they need to begin to redefine their lives.

Never Mind the Rear View

Loss of a relationship. Loss of a job.  Loss of a life.

Grieving is not just a ritual reserved for death in the physical sense. Whenever we lose something significant in our lives, our world is turned upside down.  And many find it impossible to recover and rebuild.

Offering a non-traditional approach to grief, Caressa encourages anyone suffering from loss to bailout from the pain.  She teaches survivors how to regain the ability to begin new relationships and embrace transition without baggage or guilt. Attendees will leave with the necessary tools to define their own timeline for grief, to manage their grief response in a healthy way and to turn pain into productivity.


The Ultimate Love Affair!

Nothing compares to the Love that God has for you. And nothing should compare to the love that you have for yourself. Learn to accept yourself and fall in love over and over again as you grow in true intimacy and fellowship in Christ. The Ultimate Love Affair –True Love is found in Christ!

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