You’re a visionary leader and influencer. 

Your public life is thriving but your private life is falling apart.

I can help you build a happy healthy life behind the scenes not just on the stage!

You’re a visionary woman of influence who is a public success but dealing wtih private stress and you need a safe space to reset and realign your life and business.












A 60-minute session where you’ll address the disruption in your life and map out the next step toward your healing and happiness.



During this in-person, one-on-one, 2-day retreat you’ll destress, refresh and identify what’s next for your life and business.

An expereince to help you work on your personal life, spiritual growth and development, and learn to manage stress so that stress doesn’t take you out.




You don’t need another program teaching you how to make more money. 

You’re wildly successful but you don’t have peace. 

You’re dealing with the overwhelm of rapid success and growth. 

You’ve experienced public scrutiny online and in the media.

You’re the go-to woman but you don’t have anyone to go to. 

You’re covering up your grief with your grind. 

You don’t want this loss to cause you to lose.

You just want to be happy. 


“A one-on-one path for successful women to find their voice, heal, and learn to balance it all.”

Not ready for private coaching just yet?

Checkout our group coaching programs.

What clients say...
  • Caressa is gifted at helping entrepreneurs work both on their personal lives while building a brand. I have worked with Caressa both as a client and have referred my clients to her for life and business coaching.

    Natasha T Brown- Founder of Elohai International
  • Caressa helped me to grieve the multiple losses I endured after being displaced post breast cancer. Unsure of how to transition or rebuild my life Post-cancer she provided key advice and insights that helped me to accelerate my life and transition back into corporate culture post-cancer. I would recommend any multi-passionate entrepreneur or professional to work with Caressa especially if you’re trying to transition after hardship.

    Times Gaines- Founder of SheRocks
  • Caressa is great at helping entrepreneurs build a high end luxury brand. Caressa is gifted in brand strategy, business marketing and helping professionals deal with stressful situations. Caressa helped me turn my ideas into income and impact.

    Tokeitha Wilson- Founder of Gridiron Terminal
  •   “Caressa J is a Creative Genius!!! She’s been extremely influential in helping me make sense of how I want to present my business to the world. I can be wordy, but she helped me brand and simplify my messaging so potential clients and visitors on my site can understand how it is I can help them. Caressa has the mind of a true visionary, helping me to see the big picture of what I am called too.”
    Jenee Murphy- Speaker & Accountant

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