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I am so thankful you’re here.  If you landed on this page it’s not by accident. It’s because you are seeking, wanting and needing more than you have right now.  You feel stuck— unsure of who you are or maybe unclear about what you want.  And that’s okay.

I launched my coaching practice to help women to gain the clarity, certainty, courage and confidence to break free from the soul ties that bound them to —toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, broken hearts, damaged self-esteem, all of it.  Since then, I’ve helped so many women to recover from loss, heal their hearts and live again.

I’d love for you to join them.

But first let me tell you a little more about me.



I love to see people win! I am a motivator, a self-image renovator, a coach at heart. I believe that beneath your pain lies your purpose. I believe that you have everything it takes to bounce back from your set back. I believe that when the unexpected happens you can come out better instead of bitter. I believe that on the other side of fear, you are an UNSTOPPABLE woman!


Heres my story

I hit my rock bottom. I was on the ground, face down on the floor of a Las Vegas hotel suite.  Everything in me was shattered—broken bones, broken heart, and broken spirit.

I didn’t know why I had to endure that pain at the time, but my pain had a purpose. I’d developed a deadly soul tie to a man and a life that threatened to rip away every ounce of my beauty and authenticity. I’d lost everything, including my soul.

God called me and I answered.  I chose life.

I connected to Him more deeply than I ever had before.  And slowly, I began to heal.  I forgave. I started to become a woman I could respect and love again.  I got comfortable in my season of waiting.  I discovered myself.  I discovered my purpose. And it’s that purpose that led me here.

To you.

I want you to live again, laugh again and love again.  I want you have and be everything God has for you. I want you living—fully— in your power, your peace and your divine presence in this world.  I want you transformed.


Before we can be bold and brave, we have to heal. Before we can find peace, we have to calm the storm. Before we can be whole, we have to fix what’s broken.  We have to find the courage to face our truths.

Healing requires honesty.  It requires that we clear the BS, uncover the sadness and the hurt that lies beneath.  We have to confront everything that we’ve buried, denied, disguised and hid from the world. Even when it’s hard.  Even when it’s ugly.  Even when it hurts.

Because you have to let go so you can live.

I won’t allow you to let go alone.

I am here for you.  Every step of the way.

I can be your partner in this process.

If you’ll let me.

Please stay a while

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate to be alone.  I love connecting and building with people, talking and sharing.  I believe that is how we grow and heal.  I hope that you will accept my invitation to leave your email here so we can stay in touch.

I want this website and our circle of women to be a safe place for you, a place for you to feel welcomed, to find the help and resources you need to break free from whatever is holding you captive.

This is a place of healing and hope.

I want you to know today that you do not have to remain stuck in any place—in a job, relationship or a life that no longer serves you. Let go of the loss. Let go of the pain. Let go of the heartbreak.

I’m offering you the keys to break free. Will you take them?


Official Bio


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Caressa J is a sought after expert on Love and Grief & Loss. As a certified life coach and grief recovery specialist, she travels the region helping individuals and families to rebuild after personal tragedies and trauma.  Through her private practice, she coaches countless women to liberate themselves from the beliefs and behaviors that keep them bound to unhealthy and unhappy lives.

Known for her authenticity and straight-from-the-hip approach, Caressa’s passion is fueled by her own pursuit of happiness and freedom. The personal challenges she has faced once seemed insurmountable.  She has loved and lost. She has been beaten and broken. A domestic violence survivor, she has stared death in the face. But God had a different ending for her story. Today, she shares the unedited narrative of her life, inspiring others to redefine their own.  An impassioned speaker, she delivers motivational messages to personal development, women’s empowerment and grief support groups.

Caressa is a vocal social justice and women’s rights advocate, and regularly lends her insight to high-profile tragedies on a national and global scale as an activist and blogger. She is also the Founder and President of Life Savers United, Inc., a nonprofit with a mission to Give Hope, Heal Broken Hearts and Save Lives through increased education, aid, and advocacy for those who have experienced grief and loss in their lives.

She received her Bachelors in Social Work from Virginia Union University and a Masters of Arts in Human Services: Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University.  She has worked in the field of social work, and counseling, with an emphasis on grief and loss, for over a decade.  Her debut book, The Ultimate Love Affair, will be available worldwide in 2016.

Caressa currently resides in Washington Metropolitan area.

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Life wasn’t always this hard.

It may be difficult to remember right now, but there was a time when you were truly happy.  You trusted people and yourself. You looked in the mirror and liked what you saw. You loved without reservation or hesitation. Your heart was open to giving and receiving love.

You were free.

And then something changed.


You tried to stand up for yourself, to take your life back, to get out. But they told you no one else would want you, that you had nowhere else to go. You stayed. So now you feel weak.

Or perhaps,

You lost someone or something who you deeply loved. You began to withdraw from the people around you.  So you felt more and more isolated and confused.

Could it be that…

You pursued something you were passionate about and it didn’t work. So now you’ve given up on your dreams. You shared your dreams with someone you trusted.  And they told you it wasn’t possible for you. So you began to believe that you weren’t enough—not sexy enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough. You felt ugly and unworthy, so you started seeking validation from the outside (like men, material things or money) hoping they or it could make you feel better about you. You were looking for happiness, but you felt superficial—fake.

But there’s always a Life Saver…

Somewhere, deep inside, you still hear God’s voice. It’s a faint whisper, urging you to reach out and get help. You feel it.

Today is the day that you listen. It’s time to bail out!

None of it was your fault. You are not alone. You are not weak.

Your dignity is not destroyed.  Your heart can heal. You deserve to be loved.

Don’t be embarrassed by your experiences. Embrace them. You needed everything you’ve been through to bring you to this moment right now. Those struggles shaped you. That pressure molded you, just like a diamond, you, too, were divinely created to shine. The loss was necessary to polish you.

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t enough, because it’s not true. Stop believing what he or anyone else ever said about you. Stop being afraid to love. Stop expecting that someone else will come and put the pieces of your life back together again. Stop waiting for the apologies that will never come.

Forgive them. Forgive yourself. Finally… Set yourself free.

Face your pain.  It is there so that you will heal. Your pain is where your power is.

You were happy once. You can be again. Make the decision. Take the step.

I know you can do it, because I did.

Are you ready? LET’S GO!