Design a life and brand better than your dreams!


I know you’re probably here to find out more about me, but, first, let’s talk about you— You know that you are no ordinary woman.

You were created to dominate and disrupt. You’re a trailblazer with a massive vision you’re ready to finally see come to life.


More importantly, you’re a dreamer that knows it’s time to create the life and legacy you know you’re capable of having.


But you can’t do it alone. Building a brand is no small feat and I’m here to help you get the tools, strategy, and confidence you need to make your dreams a reality.


We both know it’s easy to get stuck in the details of curating the perfect brand experience. 


Downloading every freebie. Sitting through countless webinars.


Hours spent on Instagram and Google trying to figure out what to do next.

And you still feel stuck. I’ve been there.

If you’re ready to push past the frustration and work with a strategic partner  that’ll help you create an elevated brand experience, you’re in the right place!


“Where do I even start?” That’s the question I hear everyday from entrepreneurs and side-hustlers ready to build a dream brand that allows them to captivate their audience while still being profitable.


A few years ago, I was trying to build my brand but was spending all of my time and money in the wrong areas. I had a pretty website and business cards, the beautiful brand photos, and even a number of programs… but I wasn’t crystal clear on how to strategically plan, prepare and produce a branded experience. 


But once I learned the steps I teach in my Plan Like a Pro Live Class, everything began to change. 


I was that entrepreneur that spent THOUSANDS of dollars to try to create the most beautiful brand. After many attempts to design the most luxurious-looking brand, I realized I neglected the most important part about developing my brand identity— the experience. I had to shift my focus from building a brand that just looked pretty to designing a brand experience that told a story. How your customers experience your brand through your website, at an event, or other stylized parts of your life should resonate with them in ways that tell your story.

I started to hone-in on my passion for design because I wanted to help other brands to tell their stories well. Whether I was speaking on stages at an event or entering a conference room with executives, my audience got a piece of me through my brand design. If they didn’t remember by name, they would remember the wall designs, branded journals, or acrylic cutouts that told my story. My audience now had experienced something that made my brand unforgettable to them. When is the last time you created something unforgettable? When it comes to building a profitable brand, you can trust that together we’ll tell your story strategically to create a high end brand you can be proud of.

I’m here to give you the proven strategy to give you a brand and business that’s both profitable and polished.

My Expertise

Event Design

Creating memorable experiences for your audience

Branding + Identity

Giving creative direction to build beautiful brands

Inspirational Speaking

Transformational talks on Personal Growth

Personal Development  

Empowering women in business through personal development

How I got here.

So the teacher had to become the student. I realized that my website and beautiful online presence wasn’t going to generate the revenue I want – my strategy would. I had to get laser focused on the areas of business that really mattered and step into the type of business owner I aspired to be. Step by step, I’ve shifted from looking profitable to being a profitable business owner.

Some people build beautiful looks, I build beautiful brands. The difference is one simply looks good, while the other makes good profit .

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

It’s time for you to go after what you really want, and stop building what you think others want. You have unique ideas, but you don’t know where to start. You start to skim through the content of popular brands in similar markets to build your brand based upon what works for THEM. Wake up call, you are not them. I am here to help you build your purpose brand, so you can step out of their brand experience into your own.

Or your business needs to level up. Regardless of where you are, you need answers. Together, we’ll find them.

It starts with a conversation. Let’s talk and decide how we’ll work best.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of brand development, you need answers.

Together, we’ll find them. Let’s take your brand to the next level!

Official Bio

Caressa specializes in Visual Marketing, curating luxury experiences through Brand, Event, and Interior Design.

Caressa is the owner of the Caressa J Agency a Visual Marketing, Media and Management Company that specializes in event planning + production, brand identity, and media coverage.

A fresh voice in the world of women’s empowerment, Speaker and Business Coach Caressa J is masterful at engaging audiences with her transparency and captivating personal story of life, love and loss. She brings her full breadth of experience to the stage—everything she’s learned as a counselor, coach and everyday woman.

As a Media Contributor, Caressa’s refreshingly relatable insight in Personal Growth & Development and Entrepreneurship has graced the pages of  nationally renowned publications and digital media platforms such as JET Magazine, Black Enterprise, the Huff Post, Women of Excellence Magazine, Madame Noire and more.

Caressa is a Certified Professional Coach and holds a Masters in Human Services: Marriage and Family Therapy.

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What clients say...
  • Caressa is an excellent speaker and professional coach. Her experience and insight in branding, marketing and personal development helps professionals take their businesses and lives to the next level.

    Natasha T Brown- Founder of Elohai International
  • Caressa helped me to grieve the multiple losses I endured after being displaced post breast cancer. Unsure of how to transition or rebuild my life Post-cancer she provided key advice and insights that helped me to accelerate my life and transition back into corporate culture post-cancer. I would recommend any multi-passionate entrepreneur or professional to work with Caressa especially if you’re trying to transition after hardship.

    Times Gaines- Founder of SheRocks
  • Caressa is a phenomenal coach and speaker. Having worked with her personally and professionally, Caressa helped me take my ideas and turned it into income and impact.
    Tokeitha Wilson- Founder of Gridiron Terminal
  • “Caressa J is a Creative Genius!!! She’s been extremely influential in helping me make sense of how I want to present my business to the world. I can be wordy, but she helped me brand and simplify my messaging so potential clients and visitors on my site can understand how it is I can help them. Caressa has the mind of a true visionary, helping me to see the big picture of what I am called too.”
    Jenee Murphy- Speaker and Accountant
What now?

1:1 coaching
Live Intensives

  • Speaking




    My digital and live courses give you the tools to take ownership of your life and business. You’ll learn how to start a business, balance entrepreneurship when life hits, and develop the mental and spiritual stamina to sustain your success.



  • Coaching




    Everyone has personal power and brand power. My 1-on-1 and group coaching experience helps you to uncover both. Whether you’re looking to build a powerful business or feel empowered in life, I can help.



  • Branding




    If you’re looking to elevate your brand to be beautiful, marketable, AND profitable, then you’re in the right place. My digital and live courses teach you how to build, design, and market the business you’ve been craving.



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Intimate conversations that let you in on what success looks like from the inside out.

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