It’s All in Your Mind

I love studying the success blueprints of other entrepreneurs, especially women. There is so much we can learn from the women in business who have stepped out there first and defined their own path to success. And like with anything else, they’ve given us a roadmap. As they say, “success leaves clues.” That it is so true.


Women ask me all of the time what it takes to build their dream businesses. They want to put their gifts to talents to work for them and create income outside of their 9 to 5s. Those conversations typically start with questions around what websites should look like and how services should be priced. But before I start coaching them on the right strategy and branding, programs, and posts, I tell them to take a few steps back and follow the clues that the most the successful women entrepreneurs have already left. The steps that we too often skip in haste.

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The steps that are the most crucial to our success. The steps that any woman who has achieved success in business have all followed consistently, and without fail.

The steps that put mindset over matter, and determine whether we can weather the storms that entrepreneurship is certain to bring. 

Wondering what they are? Follow me. 

  • 1 They believe in themselves. There are women who seem to go further and faster in their businesses and in their lives than others who are just as talented. That’s because success is not just about what you can do. It’s about what you believe you can do. Successful women trust themselves and their ability to win.
  • 2 They focus on their strengths and master them. When setting out to start a new business, a common mistake women make is trying to learn and do it all. But successful business women know that the road to success is paved with focus. They know they do well and that’s where they pour their energy into. 
  • 3 They own their space. Women who own their success own everything about themselves. They are confident in their stories, their skillsets and their strength. 
  • 4 They know what they are here for. Success is not happenstance. The women who you see shining are the ones who are certain about their purpose. Purpose is a powerful thing. When we know what we’re here for and what we’re supposed to do with what we’ve been given, the path to success is a lot clearer. 
  • 5 They keep showing up. Successful women may have to slow down to deal and heal from setbacks, but they never stop. 

Take these tips and think about your own success. Ask yourself some questions. Do you believe in yourself beyond reason? Are you in your lane when it comes to your industry? Are you no longer hiding behind your flaws, and are you clear on what you were created for? If you answer is, “No” then let’s do the work to get you there. 

So for now, let’s forget about the business plans. Let’s get our minds set for success. 

I’m here for you. 

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