Life wasn’t always this hard.

It may be difficult to remember right now, but there was a time when you were truly happy.  You trusted people and yourself.  You looked in the mirror and liked what you saw.  You loved without reservation or hesitation.  Your heart was open to giving and receiving love.

You were free.

And then something changed.

You tried to stand up for yourself, to take your life back, to get out.  But they told you no one else would want you that you had nowhere else to go.  You stayed. So now you feel weak.

You lost someone or something that you deeply loved.  You began to withdraw from the people around you.  So you felt more and more isolated and confused.

You pursued something you were passionate about and it didn’t work. So now you’ve given up on your dreams.

You shared your dreams with someone you trusted. They told you it wasn’t possible for you. So you began to believe that you weren’t enough—not sexy enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough.

You felt ugly and unworthy, so you started seeking validation from the outside (like men, material things or money) hoping they or it could make you feel better about you.  You were looking for happiness, but you feel superficial. Fake.

But somewhere, deep inside, you still hear God’s voice.  It’s a faint whisper, urging you to reach out and get help.  You feel it.

Today is the day that you listen.  It’s time to bailout!

None of it was your fault.  You are not alone.  You are not weak.

Your dignity is not destroyed.  Your heart can heal. You deserve to be loved.

Don’t be embarrassed by your experiences. Embrace them.  You needed everything you’ve been through to bring you to this moment right now.  Those struggles shaped you.  That pressure molded you, just like a diamond. You, too, were divinely created to shine.

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t enough, because it’s not true.  Stop believing what he or anyone else ever said about you. Stop being afraid to love. Stop expecting that someone else will come and put the pieces of your life back together again.  Stop waiting for the apologies that will never come.

Forgive them.  Forgive yourself. Finally. Set yourself free.

Face your pain.  That is where you will heal. Your pain is where your power is.

You were happy once. You can be again.

Make the decision. Take the step!

Working with me will help you to: 

  • Elevate you beyond the way you use to think
  • Increase your Capacity so that you can be used
  • Get into Alignment with your assignment
  • Up-Shift + Go higher so that you can go father
  • Do something new to become someone new
  • Learn the tools to live a life on purpose
  • Release Anxiety + Self Doubt + Spiritual Clutter
  • Get clear about fears, the past, mishaps, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • Find the courage to sever destructive ties to unhealthy situations

Coaching is a very intimate relationship. And as with any relationship, there has to be trust. My promise to you is that in our sacred and safe space, you will find that trust, along with 100% confidentiality, support and respect. I will encourage you. I will motivate you. I will help you to become unstoppable.

Clarity Power Session 

In this 30 minute complimentary session, we’ll clarify + connect.  I want to get a glimpse of your heart space. We’ll discuss where you are in your life right now, where you’d like to be and how I can support you in getting there.  


Purpose Awakening 

You’re showing up and definitely putting up a gorgeous front, but, beneath the surface you’re barely showing up.   The triggers are a job you hate, a man you don’t love and a passion you can’t find. The symptoms?  Frustration. Confusion. Exhaustion. Distraction.  It’s time to get to the source of what hurts. It’s time to finally push past the surface of what it looks like and get to what it really is. It’s time to start living again—fully.  

We will: 

  • Step by Step processing and cleaning up your life
  • Develop an incredible customized plan that cures the root causes of hurt and pain 
  • Clear your limiting or negative beliefs, habits or roadblocks 
  • Define meaningful life goals so you can build a life you truly love  
  • Shift your thinking to a more positive and live-giving mindset
  • Create a roadmap to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from activating your full potential


The Heartbreak Cure Coaching Program

The heartbreak cure program is intended to help people overcome toxic habits that affect their ability to form healthy relationships with themselves and others. When someone is involved in a toxic relationship they can lose themselves, their possessions and even the people they love. Unhealthy relationships don’t only affect the people IN a relationship but they can spill over into our relationships with family, friends, and people who truly care about us. Many people’s hearts have been broken from toxic relationships and traumatic experiences, but broken hearts can be fixed. Your heart may be broken but the Heartbreak Cure program is a 4-week life-changing experience created with one purpose in mind—to heal your heart.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to build and sustain a healthy relationship, or break free from a toxic one.
  • Develop the confidence to let go and live on. Learn how to forgive and recover everything you lost after heartbreak.
  • Learn how to trust people and believe in love again.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate in relationships by developing speech that is life-giving and love-nurturing.
  • Learn how to truly love yourself again with self-care and soul-care practices.
  • Learn how to develop an exit strategy and become a better judge of character as you move forward and establish new relationships or avoid potentially detrimental ones.


Here are the program modules & descriptions:

Module One: We will asses the current state of your heart and self- sabotaging practices that prevent you from forming healthy relationships or leaving toxic ones.

Module Two: This is a complete heart cleanse so that you can forgive and let go. I will coach you through the process of admitting that your heart was broken, grieving the loss you experienced because of it, forgiving the person or people who hurt you, and learning to love yourself again.

Module Three: We will develop new strategies for you to “check your heart before you wreck your heart again”. This will include self-care practices, spiritual practices, and communication practices that will consistently keep your heart and relationships in a healthy and whole state.

Module Four: I will teach you how to fully recover your life again and keep your heart whole, healthy, and revived.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with me.
  • 4 week interactive virtual training
  • Heartbreak Cure workbook
  • Custom Heartbreak Cure Strategy provided by me at the end of our session that includes what we covered and how to apply it moving forward, tips for self care, spiritual practices, and tips for effective communication in relationships.