How to Grieve While at Work

I have been blessed to share my campaign “Grieve with Hope” with digital platforms, so that I may get my message out with the world, that there is life after loss. What I didn’t know is that I would be using my own tools this week with the recent murder of my brother. Let me be the first to tell you that Grieving with Hope is NOT easy, but I know it helps.  Prior to the murder of my brother I interviewed with Black Enterprise I was able to share some tools that help when grieving while at work. Applying the tools can release some additional stress or block negative thoughts that may come your way when experiencing any type of loss. Sometimes we need to be reminded that loss may come in many ways, over 40 ways. You can have a loss of a relationship, job, secondary losses due to sickness, finances, loss of a dream, lose a business, experience loss of hope, lose your purpose and much more. How do we grieve those losses and what lessons can we learn from them? I’ll be sharing a lot of lessons over the next upcoming weeks. It is important to deal with loss straight on because it can be the link to starting your business, finding your purpose, identifying your goals and dream job, reconnecting with family or friends, and rebuilding meaningful relationships.




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